We all know that Malay food are the best choice during lunch because they are cheaper and preparing them consume lesser time than other delicacies. So, if you are around Durian Daun, Melaka and looking for a quick and affordable meal, Restoran Lot 85 is the ideal place for you. Very famous among Melaka folks and even tourists, this eatery is offering a wide range of authentic and delightful Melaka’s local cuisines. To spot this restaurant, just look out for a big red signage with ‘Restoran Lot Lapan Lima’ on it. You might not find anything fancy here in terms of decorations, but that is not going to matter. Patrons solely come here for its mouth-watering Melaka cuisine.

The main attraction of this restaurant is the Briyani Rice that is served with mutton, beef or chicken kurma, veggies, poppadum (Indian’s crunchy snack), dhal and curry. The aromatic flavours and distinctive taste is what makes the rice so special. Strong and different kind of spices are used in making the rice and gravy in order to elevate the overall taste of the dish. Apart from that, you can also try other flavoursome local delicacies including curry fish head, satay celup (skewered seafood cooked in peanut sauce), cencalok (fermented shrimp relish), rojak (fruit and vegetables salad), dodol (a sweet sticky palm sugar delicacy) and cendol (cold dessert with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup).


It would be such a waste coming to Melaka without trying their flavourful cuisine. To have everything under one roof and all at affordable prices, safe to say that Restoran Lot 85 is the place to be. However, do expect a big crowd from the office workers during lunch hour. You might want to come a bit earlier or slightly after lunch break to avoid cramping with the crowd.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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