Did you know that that wantan or wonton literally means “swallowing clouds”? It derives from Guangzhou and it was only for rich people. Then when it came it Malaysia and Singapore, we altered it to “wanton min” to “wanton mee”, to show how our two Chinese cultures merge. Our version of Wanton Mee is rather salty and dry with smaller wontons, char siew, leafy greens like caixin, and soup as the side.


Somewhere in Jalan Bukit Cina, Melaka, there is a small-sized and humble restaurant named Restoran Lee Ho that serves one of the best Wantan Mee in the area. The eatery is like any other Chinese coffee shops that consists of lots of different hawker stalls in it. In other words, the typical hawker’s centre. You will just have to figure out what you want and make your order at the stall of your choice. However, one particular hawker certainly steals the show.  


Called themselves as the Fat Aunty Wantan Mee, this one delivers really good Wantan Mee. In line with its name, the popular stall is run by a rather chubby aunty who is busy handling the crowd that wants to taste her delightful signature dish. You can also indulge in their other recommended food, the pan mee.  It comes in two different kinds – soup and dry, which tastes good regardless. Besides having to wait for your food to be ready due to the long queue, the only thing you will be asked by the cute aunty is, “you want chilli or not?” Simple, straightforward, and delicious.

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