Located in Taman Merdeka Permai lies Restoran Iqra Nasi Kandar Briyani House. While its name and interior suggests that the restaurant solely does nasi kandar and nasi briyani, the restaurant behaves more like the typical Mamak restaurant that most Malaysians are used to, especially at night. Beyond the obvious 24-hour opening times, this becomes evident especially during the period of a football match, where it is common to find this restaurant packed with customers eating common Mamak restaurant fare, as well as cup of coffee or tea.

Rest assured, there is definitely nasi kandar and nasi briyani to be had here, especially in the afternoons during lunch time. Like most nasi kandar and nasi briyani outlets out there, customers have plenty of choice as to what vegetables, meat, and curries to swamp on their plate of rice. At night, customers can expect to enjoy the Mamak favourites at Restoran Iqra Nasi Kandar Briyani House such as roti canai, thosai, murtabak, nasi goreng, maggi goreng, roti tisu, roti bakar, and much more. The restaurant also serves naan, chapati and tandoori chicken at night, which is great for customers looking for more of a North Indian variety in their night dining experience here.

Like most Mamak restaurants and nasi kandar/briyani eateries, customers can enjoy drinks like coffee, tea, milo, canned drinks, soft drinks, and a few others. So if you’re looking to satiate that nasi kandar or nasi briyani fix in Melaka, and perhaps catch the football game at night with a bunch of friends, Restoran Iqra Nasi Kandar Briyani House is certainly the place to go.