Like how different states have their own version of local street food, Melaka definitely wants to make a name for itself with one of the famous dishes: Wan Tan Mee. While Penang and KL’s version is known to have sweet black sauce and then eaten together with pickled chilis, Melaka has a total different twist to their Wan Tan Mee.

The best way to describe it is to direct you to Restoran Dung Fong, a food court that houses this special version of Melaccan Wan Tan Mee. Besides the common presentation of the dry version of the dish, a dab of chili oil is added to the taste to give it a slightly spicy sensation to your taste buds. The chili oil also adds like a thickening solution to the black sauce which allows it to not taste so watery. Another special point to this Wan Tan Mee is where not only a generous amount of chunky Char Siew’s are added on top of your springy noodles, a few pieces of roasted pork is included as well.

Not only does Restoran Dung Fong houses the best Wan Tan Mee in Melaka, it is also home to a few more famous dishes under a number of other stalls. Situated right next to the famous stall is a Yong Tau Fu stall that is also receiving just as much hype. They sell very good homemade fishballs and have been in business for over 40 years. Other relatable food include the Char Siew Rice, duck rice or some fish head noodles if the queue gets to you.


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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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