Satay Celup is specifically popular in Melaka. Some even say that it is quite hard to find one in other parts of Malaysia. Even though there are a few good ones in the state itself, local folks still prefer the very famous Restoran Capitol Satay located near Jonker Street at Lorong Bukit Cina. Just a little tip, you might want to reach there before 5pm because this particular restaurant is known for its ridiculously long queues. It won’t be hard spotting this place due to its big signage and, again, the long queues.


Also known as steamboat satay, this dish actually consists of raw or semi-cooked meat and vegetables put on sticks and later dunked into a boiling pot of satay sauce for a couple of times. At Capitol Satay Celup, there are a wide selections of items/ingredients available that only cost as low as RM0.90 per stick. You will find the concept here very interesting. After selecting a certain number of sticks, the staffs will start offering you better quality items like tiger prawns, abalone and scallops that are also priced RM0.90 each. If you are lucky, they will also give you free glasses of strawberry wine and coffee liquor at the end of your meal.


The main attraction of this restaurant is actually the satay sauce. With some added secret recipe, you can taste the delectable sweet and savoury flavour of the gravy. If will notice that the staffs will add on spices and ground peanuts to the sauce and stir it to sustain the quality and flavour of the sauce. The service here is super impeccable too. If you are new to this type of dish, don’t hesitate to come here and try yourself the unique and tasty satay celup.

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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