Restoran Bokchik & Keluarga Melaka

Restoran Bokchik dan Keluarga is among the oldest eatery in Semabok area selling one of the best Roti John in town. Founded in 1985, this place is not just about roti john. It consists of different stalls offering different types of local delights. The ambience of the place is rather simple with various hawker joints and several plastic tables and chairs for diners who wants to dine in. Simply put, it is a simple and regular looking restaurant that offers lots of delicious Malay comfort food.


Patrons love stopping by here for their all-time favourite Roti John Klasik. Baguette (French bread) and ‘Holland’ onions are the two main ingredients of the dish that makes it different from other regular ones. The filling is packed with a generous amount of meat, egg, onions, and other veggies resulting in a compact looking bread that is full of delicious goodness. Another thing that makes it unique is the sauce used. Apparently they are using homemade mayonnaise and chilli sauce that is served separately and used as dipping sauce. According to their regular customers, the filling is so flavoursome that you will not need any additional sauce to enhance the flavour.


Apart from the very famous dish, you can also get other delicious delicacies including chicken Bolognese, Sup Mama's ekor (oxtail) soup, yong tau foo, satay, fried rice, and other sorts of local cuisine. Price wise, you don’t need to worry about putting hole in your pocket. Even though they are using quality ingredients in their cooking, the price range is really affordable. So if you are planning for a quick weekend getaway to Melaka, don’t forget to slip in Restoran Bokchik dan Keluarga in your 'Makan' list!

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