Malaysians can’t get enough of their 24-hour Mamak restaurants. These restaurants basically do it all these days, from having wifi and shisha, to watching the weekly football match or just to simply hanging out with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. One of the more prominent Mamak restaurants in the state of Melaka is Restoran A Sri Rosmerah, which is located in the town of Bukit Beruang Indah.

When talking about the food served at Restoran A Sri Rosmerah, there really aren’t that many surprises to be had, which is definitely the not a bad thing as far as a large number of Malaysians are concerned. Like most Mamak restaurants, customers can expect to have the usual suspects like nasi roti canai, nasi kandar, thosai, murtabak, nasi lemak, nasi goreng Pattaya, maggi goreng, roti tisu, and much more. An interesting thing to note is that the restaurant proudly stamps their name on their plate of nasi goreng Pattaya, as seen by the  “A Sri” ketchup writing that’s smeared on top of the egg wrapping.

Besides the aforementioned dishes, Restoran A Sri Rosmerah also serves naan, chapati and tandoori chicken at night, which is great for customers looking for more of a North Indian variety in their dining experience here. As far as drinks go, customers can enjoy their favourites, whether it be coffea, tea, soft drinks, milo, and anything else in between.

So if you’re ever in Melaka and looking for a decent Mamak restaurant to hang out with your friends, grab a bite to eat and a drink, do check out Restoran A Sri Rosmerah.


Bukit Beruang Indah, 75450, Melaka, Melaka




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