Restaurant Tong Sheng Melaka

Restaurant Tong Sheng opened in 2009 and the founder of it -Master Lee is talented in cooking. At the age of 12, he was already a Hokkien Mee's chef in the Kuala Lumpur area. After accumulated experience for more than ten years, master Lee decided to go back to Melaka to start his own business. Master Li Ruiming passed on the kitchen skills he had learned throughout his life to his son. Chef Li Tianliang not only inherits his father's superb cooking but also continues the spirit of his father's innovative dishes.

They choose freshwater prawn as their main ingredients to ensure the freshness. Thick cheese sauce and fried mee hoon bring out the savory of this delicacy. You can feel the creativity and intention in every bite of it.

Besides their signature cheese prawn mee hoon, their garlic fried sotong is also one of the dishes that you should not miss in Tong Sheng Restaurant.

The sauce was sweet but then had a tinge of tartness that was marginal zesty, yet the exceptional flavor had been clamoring for additional. The crab meat was succulent and segments were extensive, raising the hell of getting the meat out justified, despite all the trouble. Presented with toasted bread rather than the typical mentions made it less filling

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