Prawn Crackers Fish Ball Noodles Melaka

A humble looking shop that sells Prawn Crackers and FishBall Noodles is nestled in the depths of Batu Berendam. This unnamed shop is actually converted from a house and is right next to a huge vermicelli factory. The interior is as understated as the shop front but comfortable enough for patrons to sit and enjoy a bowl of noodles.

The shop only sells one kind of dish, which is the aforementioned Prawn Crackers and Fish Ball Noodles. The noodles come in two sizes: medium and big. In truth, the medium one is enough to fill up an adult’s tummy and the big one is definitely meant for big eaters. The broth is extremely sweet and appetizing, tempting you to slurp it dry. The soup is laden with fish balls and fish cakes that tastes extremely fresh devoid of any unpleasant fishiness. You can choose from a few kinds of noodles such as vermicelli and yellow noodles.

They are extremely generous with their prawn crackers, showering a huge amount of it on top of your noodles. Skilfully fried to a golden brown hue, the prawn crackers are extremely crispy and crunchy while being soft at the same time as a result of soaking up the delicious soup broth. You can opt to go without it, but it definitely makes a huge difference to the flavour of the fish ball noodles. Add in some of the provided cut chilli with soy sauce to give your dish a spicy spin while adding to the saltiness.