As many would consider Melacca to be a place rich in both history and food, some would want to go and discover some cafes around the area as well. Paddles and Beans Café is a very humble place that caters many who would want to experience a nice calming atmosphere after a day of exploring. Located right beside the Swan Garden Hotel, it is quite a strategic place for both locals and tourists.

What attracts the patrons to this place is not only its interior design filled with the hipster vibe, their menu offers a large range of café food that you can ever think of. From something to munch on like burgers and sandwiches to well-prepared pastas. Do not be surprised if they have some local Asian food because after all, Melacca is still known for that.

Never underestimate their portion of burgers and sandwiches because it is enough to fill two tummies; for girls that is. Big chunks of meat grilled to the juicy kind laid on top of fresh lettuce, covered with mustard and last but not least placed within two buns, the whole burger packs a crunch for anybody who bites into it. Same goes to their sandwiches as they are more to a large meal compared to the triangular shaped ones you get for tea time. While you are there, take a bite out of their quiche as well, depending on which kind they decide to bring out of the oven.

So, Paddles and Beans are more known for their expertise in waffles. With a very generous portion of baked goodness complemented with ice-cream, there is no way one can resist temptation. With having to choose between ‘Cookies and Cream’ or ‘Banana and Chocolate Fudge’, you might as well bring your posse to share because both of it are too good to be true! It is every dessert lover’s dream. Other desserts include their very own cheesecake and other available ones.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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