Nyonya Delight Homestyle Nyonya Food

Apart from the famous coconut shake of Klebang, Klebang also houses a quiet yet a well-known Nyonya restaurant called Nyonya Delight that is famous for its home style cooked Nyonya food and considered one of the best in Melaka. Located in the neighbourhood of Peranakan community, Nyonya Delight has been serving Nyonya cuisine since 2011 and the place that they serve in? An actual traditional peranakan house – how solid is that! As if having to munch on arrays of delectable Nyonya dishes is not enough to experience hints of Baba and Nyonya lifestyle, what more if the familiarity is firsthand experience in an actual peranakan house. A total gem that is situated at the outskirts of the city of Melaka along the main road of Klebang, getting there might be a little hassle however Nonya Delight never disappoints and any turmoil along the way would be forgotten before you know it.  

Nyonya delicacies are what make Melaka’s cuisine a most wanted and its authenticity is what patrons seek. A little diverse than that of usual, Nyonya Delight also serves staples buffet instead of ala carte only providing better selections of food to choose from. Among the many, Nyonya Delight’s Double Nasi Lemak seems to be a hit especially in the morning – it is nasi lemak anyway. But the one dish that cannot be missed is its tasteful Nyonya Laksa that keeps patrons on the edge of their sit after the first few bites. Its scrumptiousness is a definite value for many. Perhaps after a bowl of laksa, chendol would be the ultimate dessert to end meal. Like any other regulars, chendol is a must have whenever stepping into Nyonya Delight. 

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