For any Malaysian, a food court signifies a place to go to when you can never decide on what to eat, the place where things are cheaper than most shop restaurant, and you can always sample as much, usually local, dishes your stomach can muster. Although food court in city malls may differ in some ways, food courts standing on its own ground usually have so much to offer that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, everyone just comes together to enjoy simple food made good. It is also the place to go for anyone looking into trying hawker style, authentic local delicacies.

Newton Food Court is a food place in Malacca that group all the best local Chinese cuisine, with specialty of Malacca dishes, in one place. The system here is quite simple; get a numbered table, go to a stall and order, tell them your table number, and they will deliver your food to your table. Payments are made when the food arrives and once that’s done, dig in to favourites like the Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish), Barbecue Stingray, Oyster Omelette, Barbecue Chicken Wings, and 3-Layer Milk Tea. The fishes used are all fresh, a handful of oysters thrown into soft and creamy eggs then turned over into an omelette, well-marinated chicken, and the kick in milk tea that derives from the use of Palm Sugar in the drink; all of this awesomeness is just some of the variety available at Newton. Plus the operating hours that ran from early morning to late night, any meal is possible here no matter the time. And in the true spirit of food courts all around, it all comes with a price tag that would make one say, thank god for small favours!

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