Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho Malacca

Nasi Lemak Dan Minuman Ah Ho is a Chinese restaurant and coffee shop located just a few doors away from the famous Taiwanese pork ribs mee in Gajah Berang, Melaka. Interestingly, the restaurant only has one stall there, and to no surprise (based on the restaurant’s name), it’s the stall that specialises in Chinese nasi lemak that’s aptly named Capitol Nasi Lemak. The stall has been around for many years and has been an all too familiar name when it comes to the Melaka food scene as customers regularly visit this restaurant during the brunch hours for their nasi lemak fix.

As far as the Chinese nasi lemak is concerned, the key point that makes it differ to the Malay nasi lemak (the nasi lemak most of us are used to) is the sambal. The sambal used in Chinese nasi lemak is slightly sweeter than that of it’s Malay counterpart. This is done to adapt to Chinese taste buds that aren’t as keen on spicier options. The other thing that makes this nasi lemak stall stand out from the others is that there are a myriad of side dishes to enjoy with your plate of this local classic in a manner similar to that of a nasi padang or economy rice stall. Some of these include fried chicken, fried fish, prawns, squid, cockles, watercress leaves, long beans, clams, fried egg.


So if you’re looking to try out some Chinese nasi lemak whilst in Melaka, Nasi Lemak Dan Minuman Ah Ho is a great choice.