Nasi Lemak Eso Corner Tanjung Kling

The tapestry of Malaysian food scene during breakfast will mostly centre on local delicacies especially the ever famous Nasi Lemak. Often at times places that sell Nasi Lemak would also provide other Malaysians favourite for breakfast such as Curry Mee, Soto Mee or Rice, or the South side specialty of Lontong. These delicious dishes are the common breakfast of locals apart from your ever friendly mamak next door that provides tasty roti canai and tosai. Nevertheless, Nasi Lemak always prevails that somehow receives its own spotlight and among the many Nasi Lemak joints in Melaka, Nasi Lemak Eso Corner places itself in the heart of Tanjung Kling. Like any other typical Nasi Lemak, Nasi Lemak Eso Corner serves a decency of the coconut rice complemented with fried dried anchovies, slices of cucumber, eggs, and of course the sambal.

Additional fried chicken is also available to spice things up a little bit but undoubtedly the highlight would go to the spicy sambal that stands in between a balanced sweet and sour aftertaste. The combination is superbly done that folks simply cannot miss out on. The Curry Mee and Lontong are no less appetizing and an absolutely worth a shot. Nasi Lemak Eso Corner provides the best breakfast dish around Melaka and it is a no wonder that throngs of people will swarm the place early in the morning and the dishes would mostly be finished by 10 am – amazing! So do be sure to be there at your earliest morning time to get a seat. With thriving restaurants and eatery places sprouting around, nowadays it has become a battle or perhaps formidable to just eat and especially at Nasi Lemak Eso Corner.

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