Once again, the ever favourite delicacy of locals that has been around for generations where it is also synonymously refers to as a signature of Malaysia, a Nasi Lemak joint called Nasi Lemak Ejam made its debut back in 2009 and have captured the heart of many for its delectable and scrumptious looking nasi lemak kukus. Claiming to be the best in Malacca, or even Malaysia to some extent, true enough that Nasi Lemak Ejam has stood out among nasi lemak lovers especially with the authenticity that is reflected in every grains of rice used in the making of it.

This legendary Nasi Lemak Ejam that is loved by many is manned by a gentleman named Nizam of which after months of studying and researching what makes a good and delicious pile of nasi lemak, he finally came around to create a next-to-perfect plate of one and without a doubt customers, regulars, and first timers had their fair share to testify on its claimed credibility. Apparently, Nizam is a picky eater especially when it comes to his favourite which is why it acts as a stepping stone for him to create one of the most dishes around that simply cannot be missed. Situated in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Nasi Lemak Ejam stall is located at the roadside and can be spotted even at metres away with the crowds lining up at the side waiting for their turns to take away Ejam’s specialty. At certain times, the nasi lemak can be sold out but fret not, Nizam also caters for pre booked customers and serves for big events as well. In short, Nasi Lemak Ejam is simply a gem! 

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