Majestic Hotel Malacca

 ‘A medley of influences’ is what The Mansion at Majestic Hotel Malacca proclaim itself and without a doubt the sentence says it all with hints of historical affairs of Malacca planted on every dish around it. Reflections of Dutch, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Indian, and Malay influencing the local dishes there somewhat upgraded the authenticity they already consist-off from breakfast to dinner. The usual breakfast buffet with selections of breads, cereals, coffees and many more to choose from are available but what highlights this place are their ala-carte menus available throughout the day with a choice of cooked mains and local coffees or teas. Diners will also get a chance to get a try on some local fruits such as duku, langsat and rambutan – where else you can get these fruits after a hearty meal all in one place if it is not here?

The Majestic Hotel itself breathes grand colonial sentiment with a glimpse of what once an extraordinary empire. With grand ambience welcoming guests from every corners of the world, Majestic’s The Mansion is living up to its reputation to provide fine-dining concept adjacent to the original Straits windows where the dining room overlooks the Malacca River and Kampung Morten. It maintains sophistication yet casual up vibe to cater guests’ comfort with wooden floorboards and antique collections that seem to make most of the area. This luxurious set does not come to a surprise since the place was once owned as a private mansion by a tycoon named Leong Long Man and later to our fortunes, has turned into one of Malacca’s most treasured heritage to stay, dine, and experience on. 

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