What began in 1941, Long Hiang has been around long enough to have gained a spot in people’s hearts. The original owner had a vision to share the food of traditional Hainanese culture with the public and the younger generation today keep the tradition going. Back in 1941, the coffee shop was smaller but has seen growth and expansion over the years. One thing that remains though is the taste. A crowd go-to joint to enjoy a good breakfast, Long Hiang Coffee Shop is the classic coffee shop that serves good food with good coffee.

Long Hiang is also known for its variety of delicious dishes such as the classics, Hainanese Coffee and Tea, and the typical Malaysian breakfast of Roti Bakar (Kaya Toast) and Half Boiled Eggs. Kaya is a sweet coconut spread commonly used with bread and Long Hiang take it to another level by producing completely homemade kaya jam. Plus the oat type of bread is used for the toast instead of the usual white bread, it adds to the healthiness of the dish. Other worthy mentions include Wantan Noodles, Curry Mee, and Duck Noodles. While all are delectable, customers keep coming back for the Duck Noodles. A dish to satisfy your taste buds, the combination of herbs and spices with duck meat and the noodles is so perfect that it is said to warrant the dish the title of the best Duck Noodles in the culturally rich Malacca. The Curry Mee is a more recent addition but has gathered quite the interest from new customers and long-time patrons. Another crowd favourite is the Malacca style Chee Cheong Fun. Like any coffee shops, one of Long Hiang's signature is their coffee. The usual option of Kopi 'O or just milky Kopi is a joy to drink at any time of day. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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