Korean Hometown BBQ Restaurant Ayer Keroh

These days, whenever you'd take a walk around a city in Melaka, you're bound to see at least one or more Korean barbecues per block. You may decide to eat at one of these places, but even if you do, they are always packed to the brim with people who eat there just for the sake of the rising trend of Korean Barbecues. And that is where Korean Hometown BBQ Restaurant comes in, located in a more secluded and less crowded area that is guaranteed to have a few vacant tables to sit at.

The food Korean Hometown BBQ Restaurant offers look simple enough and not as flashy as their more popular competitors, and they should be. It is meant to be a more affordable option for those who cannot or do not want to shell out a few extra dollars for a small portion. Dishes range from the staple of Korean cuisine, which are the usual ramyun, bimbimbap, bulgogi beef, and a myriad of pancakes priced and portioned appropriately, giving you extra value for money.

The dishes may not look like much, but they taste extraordinary all thanks to the chef who hails from South Korea. Each dish you order will taste the same or even better than before by the person who truly is passionate about the culinary arts.

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