Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Soon Yen Melaka

Besides Jonker Street, Melaka has a number of coffee shops which serves just as good street food. One of the places include Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Soon Yen. This ordinary place is located along Jalan Tengkera and as a matter of fact sells extraordinary Melaka-style duck noodles.

Patrons are still given the privilege of choosing the soup or the dry version of the duck noodles. Many would opt for the dried noodles which is tossed in thick and sweet brown gravy and then added with very tender shredded duck meat. You are also given a bowl of herbal soup to accompany the dish. Dip the meat into the given chili sauce for a little spice.

For the soup version, the broth is one that is full of the duck essence together with a tinge of herb which makes a very good combination. Together with your preferred noodles and chunks of duck meat, this version is just as palatable. There are a number of sides to eat with your duck noodles like the braised dried bean curd, marinated egg, duck feet and duck organs, too.

Besides the famous duck noodles, do give credit to the fish ball stall which gives you tasty Melaka-style Loh Bak. Their fish balls are always additional ordered because they are made from quality local mackerel fish. Accompanied by other fried fritters like prawn crackers, fish skin and bean curd, they make a pretty good snack. Try dipping them into the homemade tamarind based sweet sauce or chili for taste. 

There are other stalls for you to experiment and depending on your appetite, this coffee shop will certainly satisfy you one way or another. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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