Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Chia Yean Melaka

Melaka is truly a food haven that can satisfy all your longed cravings. Apart from the famous chicken rice balls, durain cendol and satay celup lies many other hidden places that will satisfy your food pleasures. In the vicinity of Taman Bukit Melka Bukit Beruang, Ayer Keroh you can find good, tasty and reasonable duck noodles. Placed at the corner of a shop lot, you could definitely with a big sign where no doubt you’ll be able to spot from a mile away.


Chia Yean occupies a small shop lot that’s built up in an old fashioned style kopitiam shop. There are a few fans placed around as well as the occasional breeze will keep you fairly cool but it may get hotter once its reached midday. As for its cleanliness and hygiene, the restaurant is pretty spick and span for a small kopitiam shop. The hawker stall is placed right in front of the entrance of the restaurant, conevenient for the customers to take orders and for those to take away.


Chia Yean’s signature dish is none other than the duck noodles. A simple but full of flavour from its juicy meaty duck topped with scallions and fried onions to its perfectly drizzled dark sauce. It is said that once you’ve tried this dish you’ll come back for more. Aside from the signature dish, try the braised duck drum stick with herbal eggs. A definite must try in the menu.


A good hearty breakfast that’s sure to fill up your bellies nice and warm. A small humble coffee shop that’s a sure a taste of time, for its food anyways.