Let’s say you are a on budget trip to Melaka with your friends or family and for one of the meals, you guys decided on a buffet, more specifically, nyonya buffet, then this is a good place to give a go to. Located in Alor Gajah, Melaka, it happens to be one of the few places you can enjoy reasonably priced buffet which includes nyonya cuisine, tucked away nice and cosy from the hustle and bustle of Melaka streets. Upon your approach in to the restaurant, be expected to be greeted by friendly staff with the widest of smiles and most sincere of greetings. 

You can choose from their wide array of seating choices, all placed nicely to ensure a cosy and enjoying experience while feasting on the buffet. Do take your time when taking the food, to ensure you have space in your stomach for all the other delicious selection of food. While dining, do not forget about their range of beverages to choose from, because no good food is worth it without a good drink. Being a nyonya restaurant, for sure, their specialty dishes includes nyonya dishes.

Traditional and modern styled nyonya cuisines are always readily available should you decide on ordering some, all reasonably priced. If you also at the same time, happen to be a huge fan of bobo chachas, you are in luck, as they serve it here along with other similar soups. Among their must try dishes incudes, their Sated Egg Fried Bitter Gourd, Nyonya Keluak, Spicy Fried Pork and Nyonya Style Pork.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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