Malacca is popular historically for their location near the Strait of Malacca that lead to the Malacca today; a popular destination for their culture, history, and food. One of the places in Malacca that is best to experience all three of the above is Jonker Street. The modern official name for this street has changed to Jalan Hang Jebat but is still known as Jonker Street due to its reputation as one of the must visit site for anyone who comes to Malacca. Shops and houses decorated each side of the street that has been around for a long time and come weekend nights, the street would be filled with vendors and visitors because of Jonker Street’s famous Night Market. Starting from Friday to Sunday nights, the place is crawled with people selling food and other items and people buying them.

While the market sells full meals, the best way to enjoy a night stroll is by having a sweet treat, and Jonker’s night market has plenty. Starting with Coconut Water Balls, that is void of any thick outer skin while retaining the coconut water inside, every sip is as refreshing as it can get. Another coconut treat not to be missed is the Coconut Shake. When it comes to ice cream, there are two variants you should try; the Flower Pot Ice Cream, and the Ice Cream Rolls. Also known as Bonsai Ice Cream, you might’ve already guessed that it resembles a flower pot, with Oreo pieces to resemble the dirt and a stalk of parsley for plant over chocolate or vanilla ice cream (or both). If you’re looking to have a proper meal, there are stalls selling Nyonya, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and many more cuisines like the Nyonya Laksa and Dim Sum.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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