Located along Jalan Merdeka, this dining establishment can give a sense of seclusion from the hustle and bustle from the very busy street situated just in front. This cosy restaurant provides good authentic Nyonya food to everyone including shoppers who have just finished shopping in the nearby mall. Do consider planning ahead should you and your friends or family decide to go to this dining establishment as traffic can be quite heavy inside the restaurant and the roads surrounding it so do, if possible, avoid the peak hours.

However, when inside, expect to be greeted by very friendly staff who will also happily help guide you through your order from their wide range of food and beverages choices. Jeta Groves is a place to bookmark in your head if you’re looking for authentic Nyonya food with reasonable price tags. However, do not expect to be impressed by the food presentation and appearance as it is simple much like other ordinary Chinese restaurants. Among their best sellers includes their Mee Siam which is made of vermicelli, fried tofu, egg, chilli, shredded cucumber and lime. 

Otak-otak is also available here. However instead of using actual fish pieces, fish paste is used. It is coated with a yellow paste made of turmeric, spices, coconut milk and chopped daun kaduk. Their toast here is also worth trying, namely the Roti Kahwin which is made of the typical bread lathered with kaya and butter, a Malaysian breakfast favourite. Do try out their popular cendols, laksa, lontong and other dishes, you would not be disappointed. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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