J & J, Portuguese Settlement Portugeuse Settlement

J & J Corner Portuguese Seafood is a one of the many Portuguese fusion restaurants to be found in the state of Melaka, especially in the Portuguese Settlement area of the state. The name of the restaurant refers to Joan and Juliet, two ladies from the Kristang community who founded the stall over thirty years ago, in an age when the seafood restaurants were then wooden houses on stilts instead of contemporary food centres. J & J Corner is now in the third generation, run by sisters Claudine and Defene. In the Portuguese Settlement area, there are 10 Portuguese style seafood stalls prominently numbered 1 to 10, with similar food to be had in all, but each have their closely guarded recipes and following, and J & J (labelled #10) is no exception.

In terms of the food served here, customers can expect to find dishes such as Portuguese baked fish, Devil’s curry, fried calamari, sweet & sour squid, black pepper brinjal, brinjal with sambal, garlic butter crab, black pepper crab, garlic butter scallops, chilli clams, sambal clams, assam Jawa prawns, garlic butter prawns, baked otak, and Portuguese Kapitan chicken to name a few.

To wash all this down, there are a number of drinks to be had, which cover tea, soft drinks, fresh juices, and beer. So if you haven’t experienced a Kristang meal in Melaka, J & J would be a great place to start in the Portuguese Settlement. With a name that goes back more than three decades, its hard to go wrong with this restaurant.

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