Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Man's best friend comes in the form of dogs, while a woman's bestie takes up the form of sweet, sinful desserts. And generally, needless to say, the two really don't hit it off that well together. But at long last, at the Huskitory cafe off Jalan Taman ASEAN in Malacca, dogs and desserts come together in harmony, and to great results.

Established since 2010, Huskitory first started off as a canine repository specifically catering to grooming Siberian Huskies before one fateful day, the owner had a stroke of genius and voila, the Huskitory: Show Home & Cafeteria was born! In general, while it carries the title of cafe, the place has as much food on its menu as my own kitchen (Which is to say, next to none). Still revolving more on the concept of a canine petting zoo and grooming center, as their menu is limited to cakes and simple coffees, so if you want to have something substantial to fill your tummy, I hope you can get full by looking at dogs. Cute dogs. Cute, furry dogs. I am sure you can. Try.

At any rate, within their menu, mille-crepes are their best sellers in terms of food while coffees largely dominate the beverage section. Taste wise, the pastry and drinks are not too shabby but let's face it, it's Huskitory; you are there in the first place for them puppies. Also to note in their menu, there is a comprehensive list of what you can order for your canine companions, should you wish to bring them.  

The place is open everyday except for Mondays, from 12.30PM to 10.30PM with feeding times between 5.00PM to 8.00PM. And in general, reservations need to be placed if you intend to pay a visit on weekends as there will be a lot of people and there might even be a potential waiting list. If possible, make a visit on the weekdays where it will be a whole less crowded.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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