Hainamko Chicken Rice is a Chinese restaurant located along Jalan Bendahara specialising in chicken rice dishes and other Hainanese dishes. This establishment is the brainchild of Raymond Wee Sang Hong, who grew up with Hainanese food that his father brought to Malaysia in the 1960s in the form of a kopitiam in Negeri Sembilan. With the mission of further preserving the popularity and even the authenticity of the cuisine, Raymond created Hainamko Chicken Rice in 2011. Since then, the restaurant has been a regular spot for those looking for a great plate of chicken rice. On top of this, the great response has subsequently made Raymond open a second outlet in Taman Malim Jaya.

Where the chicken rice is concerned, the chicken served here is Hainamko’s signature chicken, which are corn fed chicken. The chicken can be had steamed or roasted. The accompanying plate/bowl of rice can be plain or in the local favourite of a ball form.

As far as additional sides to be had on top of the plate of chicken rice, diners can enjoy fish dishes, vegetables, porridge, soups, noodle dishes, and much more.

Another thing to note is that Hainamko Chicken Rice also delivers on the Hainanese cuisine with regular kopitiam favourites that locals have enjoyed as breakfast meals such as a number of bread variants, kaya, eggs, and a wide selection of hot drinks like Italian and local coffees, as well as tea.

So if you’re ever in Melaka and are looking at a place to try out the chicken rice balls there, Hainamko Chicken Rice is a great start.


90, Jalan Bendahara, 75100, Melaka, Melaka




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