Gangnam 88 @ Melaka Taman Mahajaya

"Gangnam Style" from PSY in 2012 was an internet phenomenon. It was the first song to hit tens of millions of views within a short amount of time with its catchy tune and a dance that surpasses the Macarana, and even became the very first video on Youtube to gain one billion views during that year. And while a restaurant of the somewhat-similar name didn't make it as big as South Korea's biggest music artist, it certainly did emulate its success through its food.

Aside from the usual raw proteins any Korean barbecue establishment would offer, Gangnam 88 presents a wide variety of dishes that many people around the world enjoy today. Ranging from set lunches on hotplates to the usual ramyun, bimbimbap, and pancake dishes that come standard in a Korean resaurant and up to the raw meats prepared in different marinades for grilling.

Obviously, in a Korean barbecue restaurant, you have to order meats for grilling. And for Gangnam 88's signature Dwaeji-galbi pork, you can already tell that the meat is of high quality. Better yet, you can order a size for yourself if you're eating alone, or upgrade to a larger portion size if you brought along a group.