Malacca's famous Jonker Street is known for a myriad of good eats, a haven for food aficionados on a gourmet trail of local traditional cuisines. And amidst the variety of delectable traditional delicacies, something unique is abound. Nestled along Jalan Tokong is Durian Cottage and as the name aptly suggests, this particular place throws all caution to the wind as they embark on a culinary business venture comprising solely of durian related products.

Known as the King of Fruits or the Blue Cheese of Asia, the thorny fruit is one that demands the need for an acquired taste. Sweet, savoury and overwhelming pungent, the Durian Cottage harnessed all the decadent goodness of the durian, and transforming the fleshy insides into fillings meant for various snacks and pastries. 

In terms of what they have to offer, Durian Cottage has quite the arsenal of durian derived products. Serving an extensive selection of dishes ranging from fluffy cakes and pancakes to flaky cream-puffs, sweet cendol and ice-cream to mooncakes, coffee, and daifuku (mochi), all infused with essence of the thorny durian, patrons can have their pick in terms of what strike their fancy. But amongst everything durian, one particular item stands out from the rest, and that would be Durian Cottage's signature 'durian bomb'. Be sure to give it a try the next time you hit up Durian Cottage. 

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