Creamore Coconut Shake @ Ayer Keroh Ayer Keroh

Creamore Coconut Shake is an establishment popular for their coconut shake that is licensed under Creamore Venture Sdn Bhd in Puchong. Coconut shakes have proven to be quite the business with company sprouting here and there, selling this simple and delectable treat. The business runs on providing license to interested individuals to own a kiosk, café or food truck of the brand Creamore. Currently they have a number of branches in Klang Valley and one in Malacca at the North-South Highway Ayer Keroh pit stop. The Ayer Keroh branch marks the first café style branch of Creamore with more to come. Brands don’t always open branches in rest and relax areas but it’s good to know that such luxury is still possible even if you’re literally on the road. The café at Ayer Keroh is quite small with minimal seating so dining in would depend on availability at the time.

The coconut shakes at Creamore is kept simple with only four flavours; Pandan, Soda, Oreo and Mint, not including the normal coconut shake. Toppings of either chocolate or strawberry are available for extra addition to any cup of coconut shake. While most coconut shake establishment would mix coconut water with bits of its flesh, ice cream and ice, Creamore took one step further by adding in creamer as well. The usual coconut shake got better and creamier that we can revel in. Other than their coconut shake selection, Creamore also offer other variety of coconut products like the coconut jelly, coconut juice, and coconut ice cream that recently also comes in packs.