Cool Cup Coconut Shake is a brand that operates mainly in Malacca area. Coconut Shake is a dessert with a growing number of fans and supporters. After all, what’s not to like about blending a few ingredients together with ice when one has to live with the Malaysian weather? Of course, we already have local desserts like cendol and ABC but coconuts have always been that thirst quencher that’s popular in tropical countries. Taking it one step further by adding ice cream and ice just takes the cake.

Cool Cup Coconut Shake is another of the number of coconut shake establishment in Malacca. Knowing what tough competition it can be, Cool Cup elevates themselves to a standard not yet seen in the coconut shake industry in this country; the addition of walit bird’s nest.

First launched in 2012, Cool Cup has now expanded to the neighbouring state of Negeri Sembilan. Cool Cup is not exactly a food truck type of establishment, but they don’t stay in one place either. In some places, Cool Cup is only available of certain days like in Taman Sutera and Taman Samarinda in Alor Gajah. They also have a kiosk at Medan Gerai Makan in Bemban, Jasin if you happen to pass around the area. Sometimes they would take part in festivals or big events all over the country so you never know when they will be near you. Best way to find out is to follow their Facebook page at as they put in updates quite frequently.

Completely local-made, their list of menu includes coconut shakes in regular and special, with bird’s nest, mix fruit, sweet corn, lychee, Nata de Coco, and Pineapple. Their menu also offers various coconut juice mix, coconut jelly, and markisa or passion fruit.