Home to many a few exemplary street food and gourmet cuisines, Malacca has long proven itself to be a state filled with both history and culinary heritage. Along with the sprouting of modern concept cafes amidst Malacca's local traditional good eats, Malacca has transformed into a food galore where old-school cuisines and new contemporary gourmet converge.

And speaking of "new contemporary gourmet', the frozen yogurt is one of the many food items associated with the new age of eating, and when it comes to 'fro-yo", Cloud Gelato Cafe is the place to go, if you wish to sample these wonderfully delightly sweet, brain-freeze-inducing treats.

With frozen yogurt, more is always better, and here in Cloud Gelato Cafe, the selection of fro-yo is so extensive, you might need to come back several more times to sample each and everything on the menu, and believe it, you will be back. Sweet, creamy and rich with flavour, patrons can choose from generic Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla flavours to exotic ones such as Pumpkin, Salted Caramel or Cookies & Cream, just to name a few.

Home-made cheesecakes are also part of the menu here, and flavours ranges from original cheese to chocolate, coffee, pandan, coconut variations. Suffice to say, there is a whole lot more where they come from. To complement your cheesecakes, Cloud Gelato also offer coffee and Western tea to keep you quenched. 

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