From a Chinese heritage recipe passed down as a family tradition for more than 60 years ago, Bukit China Soya Bean House has been one of the tastiest customary desserts ever exist in the historical city of Melaka. From the local pushcart to a restaurant by itself, Bukit China Soya Bean House now serves more than 20 versions of Tau Fu Fa and a menu filled with other local delicacies.

Located at Taman Kota Laksamana, this dining area has been attracting locals as well as dessert lovers from all over the country. Not only do they serve the common creations of Tau Fu Fa like the plain version or with Gula Melaka, they serve it with small fruits, pumpkin tong sui, black sesame and many more. With the variety of combinations that you will never find elsewhere, the menu certainly puts a notch up for Tau Fu Far.

Besides the well-known dessert, the place also serves main courses in the form of rice, porridge and noodles. You can definitely try out the Nasi Lemak Special or the Fried Rice served Kampung style.

You have rice nicely fried to a brownish tone added with a handful of anchovies and spring onions. At the side you will get fresh slices of cucumber and a generous amount of papadam pieces.

Another dish that must be tried is the Wan Tan Hor which is one of the local delicacies. It is Cantonese fried noodles served in egg gravy. The sight of the dish itself is already enough to make your mouth water.

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