Coconut desserts are raving across the streets of Malacca. Renown as one of the best dessert cafés here, Bikini Toppings are one that will please your coconut cravings. Bikini Toppings established its business in 2003 and has continued crafting their desserts to be apt till today.


The exterior of the coconut dessert bar occupies an old post-colonial building. With one of the side pillars a lady with sunglasses wearing a grass skirt is painted beautifully. Of course not forgetting the coconut shaped bikini giving Bikini Toppings its unique name. However, it is said by some travellers and locals that the coconut bikini has gone missing leaving the lady stark naked from the waist up. There’s also a beautiful painting of a simple beach giving it a tropical theme. The interior of the place reminds you of high school setting. The walls are scribbled, doodled and designed by the customers using coloured chalk making the shop a little bit cheerier and unique. There’s also a green board placed near the counter where it harbours dozens of photographs of their customers who have visited the café.


 Bikini Toppings serves only coconut desserts. Their signature would be the coconut jelly. The coconut jelly is made from coconut juice and its flesh. Served in a coconut husk topped with santan (coconut milk). Aside from their signature dessert, they also serve coconut ice cream, milkshakes and juices.


According to some customers, they find that their desserts are a true delight bringing coconut dessert to the top of your food chart. Do take note that the price is slightly more than what you normally pay from an outside stall. All in all, its all about customer’s preference. So if you do not want to wait a long line at the ever famous Klebang coconut milkshake and desserts, Bikini Toppings would be an option for you.


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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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