Kopitiams are a culture here in Malaysia. Where else would you find a place to chill with a cup of coffee and catching up on missed news? Some of these kopitiams are a gem for serving the best of a nostalgic dish. In the spirit of such kopitiams, here is one. Known to serve one of the best, their award winning Nyonya Laksa is the talk of town, and all the other towns around. Situated in the origin of the Nyonya culture Malacca, the laksa has to go through some straining effort to produce but the end product is worth all the sweat and tears. Because of the meal preparation, Nyonya Laksa is usually cooked and served in the comfort of a home as an occasional indulgence, but Bess Kopitiam took up the challenge and serves authentic Nyonya Laksa for more people to enjoy whenever.

Drawing the attention of a number of people to this quaint little coffee shop, it shows that one is willing to search high and far for good food. The best part is Bess made sure that every bowl of laksa out of their kitchen is equally consistent in taste and pleasure. A bowl of the Bess is filled with a rich and savoury curry that is neither too runny nor too thick, along with cockles, dried tofu and fish cake, poured over white vermicelli topped with cucumber, bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg. That, with the affordable price of a good slurp-y meal will have you planning your next trip down to Melaka. Another thing Bess is known for is their limited but all equally satisfying toasts, such as the Cheese Toast and the Ground Peanut Butter Toast

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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