If you have ever set foot into the borders of Malacca -known to locals and foreigners alike as one of Malaysia's states rich with history (and more importantly good food, yes, good food.), make it a point to drop by Batu Berendam's famous coconut shake. With its location situated by the road side -along with a humongous signboard as well as throngs of eager customers crowding in front of the stall, those who are driving by will be hard pressed to miss it. 

Now what makes the coconut shake in Batu Berendam so special? In essence, the coconut shake comes in the form of a ice-blended beverage, comprising of Wall's vanilla ice-cream and everything coconut, from the sweet, savory flesh, to the cool, refreshing water of the miracle fruit. Serving it in a plastic cup, topped with chocolate chips for both aesthetics and added flavor, brain-freeze is imminent as you will find yourself chugging the drink down as fast as your straw allows you to. And mind you, they only make use of fresh young coconuts, too.

At any rate, the coconut shakes come in three different variations, the default shake with no additional toppings (Biasa), a version with one extra scoop of Wall's vanilla ice-cream as topping (Special) and also a version with 2 extra scoops (Double Special). As far as the price goes, it's RM2.50 for the default ones, and incurs an additional RM0.50 for Specials and RM1.00 for Double Specials. And what's more, it gets better, there is even self-service free-flow refills of coconut water for the patrons! Talk about making life a whole lot sweeter.

Customers may choose to sit-in for their coconut shakes or have it on-the-go, but the place will only be having take-aways on Sundays.

For those who might have tried the Klebang Original Coconut Shake -and liked it; the shakes in Batu Berendam might actually give the Klebang version a run for their money. 

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