Jumping on the bandwagon is Backlane Coffee. Tucked away behind a gift shop, Backlane Coffee provides a nice shelter from the madness that is Jonker Street.

Coffees and lattes are as good as they can get here at Backlane Coffee. With their coffee art being commended as one of the good ones in Melaka, that’s a plus point for the “instagram-crazed” population.

Cakes here are made fresh and walking in you’ll be greeted with the sumptuous smell of freshly baked goods. The highlight here are definitely their delicate macarons. For Malaysian standards this french specialty deserves a standing ovation. On your must try list; Signature Chocolate Macarons and the Earl Grey Macarons.

As with other such establishments comes this unique way of enjoying latte. Serving ice coffee cubes with a separate jar of milk, the Mr. Owl Iced Latte at Backlane Coffee manage to spur much interest, especially the younger crowd. Seeing those owl shaped ice cubes melts into a creamy latte is apparently amusing, if that makes any sense.

In any case they have plenty of choices to suit your sweet tooth here at Backlane Coffee. House Blend coffees and the whole nine yards you’d usually find at similar joints.

Despite the mundaneness, a trip to Jonker Street with a pit stop at Backlane Coffee is worth it. After all a cuppa with a slice of cake on the side can never go wrong. Add a shot or two on your camera roll while you’re at it. Memorable, if we might add.