486 Baba Low is as simple as it can get. With their menu written by hand on blackboards leaning against a wall which makes it quite an Instagram or Snapchat worthy picture to capture. Other than the menu, everything else is also really typical Malaysian style, in terms of the food appearance and presentation, also known as, simple. The cook’s workstation is also as humble as it can get, a small hawker-like stall and the sitting arrangement mimics a hawker restaurant, with plastic tables and stools, but with a twist, it is outdoors so one can expect the full blast of nature’s air conditioner. 

Do not worry, as the place is also shaded with man-made steel roofs and one or two large trees. However, with all this, do plan ahead of time should you and your friends decide to come as traffic here can be quite heavy with locals and the elderly, so do try to avoid peak times if possible. Rest assured, no matter how busy the place gets, food quality and tastiness remains the same, quality and quantity. 

The stall is located along Jalan Siantan Sek 2, behind a large house which face the main road of Jalan Tengkera. While here, do not hesitate to try out their authentic Nyonya Laksa infused with rich coconut milk and ingredients such as fish balls, tau foo pok or bean curd puffs and boiled eggs. Also try their Nyonya-styled popiah filled with chopped jicama, cucumber and fried shallots and other additional sauces. Cendol is also available here.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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