In the midst of modernization in the historical city, Melaka, there is a hidden gem that not everyone knows about. The antiquated little café instantly became the secret hangout spot among Melaka folks who loves to chill and have little talks over coffee. The secret hideout is really hidden and it is not very easy for customers to notice or spot the place. You have to really look out for a small green staircase adjacent to a HotPot eatery that will lead you to the vintage looking shop. Since it is located up on the second floor, we are guessing that it is the reason behind its name, 2nd Floor Coffee House (貳樓咖啡舘).


Entering the café, you would feel a sudden rush of flashbacks from your childhood. Remember rattan chairs, handmade wooden tables, old record on the wall, comic books scattered across the room and a familiar aroma of brewing coffee? Just like the good old days. According to the owner, locals and tourists love returning back to this coffee house not only for its amazing latte arts, but also for its great coffee taste. The beans used here are specifically ordered for super dark roast to give the coffee a full-bodied and grand aroma just like Italian espressos. Fun fact: the owner is a self-taught (YouTube-trained) coffee expert that is capable in making perfect brewed coffee with distinct and lingering flavour. How cool is that?


Cinnamon Latte, Totoro Mocha, and Cappuccino with Snoopy art are among the crowds’ favourite picks. Each cup is delicately made, resulting in a very rich and smooth texture. Besides the amazing coffee, you can also serve light munchies like sandwiches, cakes, and some other desserts. With friendly servers, cosy atmosphere, and old-school interior, this place is a must-go place for a short break in your hectic everyday schedule.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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