Due to the massive popularity of all things Korean, the world is now experiencing the rich Korean culture. While the more popular K-Pop and K-Drama gets majority of the attention, Korean food is slowly but surely getting as much attention for its variety and unique tastes. 
Koreans are also known for their generosity and such values are translated into the amount of food that they put out; not overly lot but just enough to ensure a full stomach.

Korean BBQ restaurants are the go to places for a good barbecue as the act of grilling meat is considered one of Korean’s greatest pastimes. At Restoran Korean BBQ Soo La Kan one can expect to be served quality barbecue with a side of friendly hospitality Koreans are known for.

Korean barbecue are more towards beef, but the one that people usually go for is the pork, Pork Belly to be exact. Comes at a lower price, pork belly allows people to enjoy the barbecue experience without having to spend too much. Soo La Kan also offers Spicy Beef and Smoked Duck for added pleasure all around. What makes a Korean food are the side dishes or ‘banchan’ that’s eaten together with the meat, and Soo La Kan serves twelve quality banchans per barbecue serving. No Korean barbecue is complete without some sort of hot soup to wash down the meat with and Soo La Kan’s Kimchi Stew gets the job done.

Korean food is as rich as their culture that consists of a lot of different types of food. Some of the must-try includes Bibimbap (Mixed Rice), Japchae (Mixed Glass Noodles), and Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes).