Restaurant Celah Kangkang Chicken Chop Malacca Town

Despite the mushrooming of indie and urban cafés around the historical city, Melaka, the local folks are still hooked with this one legendary and cheapest restaurant selling chicken chops called Restaurant Celah Kangkang Chicken Chop. For first timers, they would probably be weird out by the name of the restaurant. However, there is a reason behind it. Due to its location which is tucked in between two hotels – Orkid Hotel and Bay View Hotel, and it is situated right in between the gap of the two hotels. That is how they have gained their unique name. Apparently, there is a food court at the small alley that consists of many other hawkers selling fruit juices, satay, chapatti, Malay cuisine, burger and many more. This particular joint can be spotted at the end of the alley.


This street stall is offering a simple Western food menu, from nuggets to steak, you can have it all at a very affordable price. Ranging from RM8 for chicken chop and RM9 for lamb chop, along with the large serving portion, this place is simply one of the best street hawker in Melaka. Not only do they serve big and filling meat, the gravy that comes with it is also delicious and comes in a very generous amount. You can choose between the classic mushroom sauce or the hot black pepper sauce.


Since it is situated in the middle of a busy road and in between hotels, the parking space here can be quite limited. There is a housing area near the hotel that you can park but of course without blocking the residents’ way. Opened only during dinner, this place is the perfect spot to hangout while enjoying really satisfying and cheap Western food.