Creativity is not limited to only on paper and craft but also food as well. Desserts specifically can be uniquely altered to elegant shapes and presentations with delectable harmonious burst of flavours you never knew could go so well before. At Zest Patisserie is where you can find such art. This brightly lit and cosy café adorns a simple and humble décor so that it does not divert your attention from their French pastries.

With salted egg yolk being one of the biggest trends among patrons now, Zest Patisserie is not short to jump on the wagon. One of the factors that make your trip to Zest Patisserie worthwhile is their waffle creation; Caprice which is a charcoal waffle topped with salted egg yolk ice-cream, caramel popcorn and salted egg yolk sauce. Just by looking at this dish will make you feel warm in the inside. Other waffles to looks for are the Durian King, Matcha coconut waffle, Red Velvet and more.

While the café may be crowded with people indulging on their salted egg yolk waffles, there are other delicate pastries using Elle & Vire butter and cream as well as Callebaut chocolate that you should give a try such as the Kaffir is essentially a lime flavoured cheesecake with digestive biscuits as the base, Red Wine Berry Ganache, Le Royale, Fantaisie, Eclate, Earl, Lavender tart and more! Chocolate truffles are also available alongside fresh baked bread. If these petit pastries are not enough to curb you single palate, share among your friends and family by getting a whole cake.

To accompany your meal, a cup of hot coffee or tea would be the seamless company for a perfect full stop to the end of your day.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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