Despite being slightly older than a year since opening its doors to the general public, Yellow Brick Road cafe has managed to out-do the expectations of the masses, proving that it is not just 'another cafe' out there. In its humble beginning, Yellow Brick Road only caters to breakfast, lunch and tea but over the span of a year, has grown exponentially and now, they are completely at home, churning out delectable dinner meals as well.

The interior of the cafe, being cosy, charmingly quaint and brightly lit, pave way for Yellow Brick Road's patrons to get their appetite going. And with the dishes they whip up in their kitchen, you will be hard pressed not to come back another time. Not to mention that their coffee variety is extensive and tastes well to boot.

In terms of their breakfast menu, Yellow Brick Road dishes out pancakes that are out of this world. From savoury varieties that exhibit local traditional culinary traits to the ones that will make any sweet tooth out there squeal with delight, Yellow Brick Road is no stranger to the world of pancakes. If you are not up for pancakes, fret not, for Yellow Brick Road also caters to big breakfast that will ensure patrons have a hearty breakfast session. Comprising of various delicious components such as grilled sausages, ham, eggs, tomatoes, baked potatoes and hash-brown, there is no better bite for the most important meal of the day.

As for their lunch and dinner menu, Yellow Brick Road offers its patrons a choice of local cuisine added with Yellow Brick Road's personal touches or Western dishes, also with Yellow Brick Road's unique twists. Fusion between the East and the West are also available occasionally, just to spice things up. From pastas to burgers, to nasi lemak and laksa (Just to generally name a few), Yellow Brick Road ensures that you will not have a dull moment with both food and ambience. 

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