Nestled in the heart of Bangsar, where life is constantly on a rapid move, lies a classy eatery that caters to much of your breakfast needs -among other things. Known primarily as Yeast, this particular boulangerie-slash-bistro has plenty to offer on a daily basis, from the very moment it opens its doors to the masses.

Being one of the few culinary parlours located in Bangsar which opens early for the day, Yeast accommodates to pretty much everything Western when it comes to serving delectable breakfast fare. With dishes carrying distinct culinary traits hailing from France, patrons visiting this particular bistronomy will be greeted with sumptuous Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine as well as French Toasts, to name a generic few.

Sporting a dab hand in terms of French derived baked goods, Yeast brings about a fragrant selection of breads that includes croissants and baguettes which in turn, gets featured in their rendition of sandwiches or brioche dishes. Brunch fare is served as well for those who are not partial to waking up early and the aforementioned fare comes in the form of burgers or pastas with side dishes ranging between refreshing salads or heartening soups.

On the break of dusk, dinner fare is served and that comprises of steaks and chops, with meat base being of either poultry, duck, beef or fish. In terms of their dinner fare, the respective dishes are either braised, pan-seared or grilled under stringent supervision of the chefs behind the scenes to ensure that their patrons get the best of what they are paying for. 

Considering the location within the upper echelons of the urbanscape, prices incurred will indubitably lean toward the expensive side but fret not because as far as Yeast is concerned, patrons are in safe hands, guaranteed of authentic French cuisine that has both flavours as well as value for money.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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