Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel City Center

Xin Cuisine Chinese restaurant at Concorde hotel KL has been around the city for its delectable dim sum and other authentic Chinese cuisine for many years. By consistently maintaining classic and old school dishes as well as updating their classic dishes with modern presentation and own renditions, Xin Cuisine remains a favourite destination among patrons. Adorned with humble yet majestic oriental décor, one is able to enjoy authentic Chinese food comfortably along with friends and family.

While you are there, definitely do not pass on their dim sum. Perfect for your yum cha sessions; choose your preferred dim sum from their dim sum push carts going around the restaurant or tick off your orders in the order list. Freshly prepared each time, have a go at their stir-fried carrot cake, char siew bao, lau sa pau, egg tart, fried yam puff, smoked duck dumpling, honey baked pork ribs and many others.

Aside dim sum, other authentic Chinese dishes such as appetisers of crispy spring roll with yellow chives, deep-fried egg lpant with minced pork, Szechuan smoked fish, noodles, char siew, peking duck, roasted pork, roasted duck, fried rice, vegetables as well as menu sets for large groups are available to cater to each palate.

After indulging your tummy with savoury, do not leave out their delectable desserts such as the Chilled Aloe Vera, Mango Pudding, Almon Beancurd and Herbal Jelly, just to name a few. With just a mere RM3.50 per pax, a pot of tea goes a long way when you enjoy your meal.  

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