If you ever had a chance to treat your taste buds  to a new kind of cuisine, I would highly recommended Xiang cuisine and you can try it here at Xiao Nan Guo! Located in Pudu, their  recipes originate all the way from Hunan, Xiao Nan Guo is here to serve you flavourful dishes that will definitely be an eye-opener.

Xiao Nan Guo’s interior is spacious and fully air-conditioned, perfect for families to sit down and bond over a hearty meal. Furthermore, they also have private dining rooms to fit large families for special and personal occasions.

The owner of restaurant was very friendly and introduced us to a few mouth-watering and exotic Hunan dishes that she guaranteed  we will love. Indeed, we fell in love with the 自制皮冻 Homemade Aspic (RM22), 麻婆豆腐Mapo Tofu (RM6), 酸菜老豆腐 Sour Cabbage Soup (RM26), 香辣猪手Spices Pork Trotters (RM58) and 秘制知味虾 Special Taste Shrimp (RM88).

The first dish we were served with was the 自制皮冻Homemade Aspic and酸菜老豆腐 Sour Cabbage Soup. The sour soup  really opened up our appetite for the hefty meal ahead. However, their highlight was their 麻婆豆腐Mapo Tofu which only cost RM6 and it was so spicy yet aromatic! Furthermore, the flavourful 香辣猪手Spices Pork Trotters and 秘制知味虾 Special Taste Shrimp had successfully set our taste buds on fire and had us licking our fingers. This place is definitely a go-to if you want to spice up your life.

自制皮冻 Homemade Aspic (RM22)
酸菜老豆腐 Sour Cabbage Soup (RM26)
麻婆豆腐Mapo Tofu (RM6)
香辣猪手Spices Pork Trotters (RM58)
秘制知味虾 Special Taste Shrimp (RM88)