WiP has been a constant buzz around the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. From a once “Work in Progress” has been finely “Whipped into Place”. Located at the Ground Floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, this restaurant-bar bursts with an array of Western, Asian, Northern Indian cuisine and Pizza kitchens. WiP has been established since 2007 and has been faithfully maintaining its quality of good food and good ambience.  

It is built extensively in an indoor-outdoor space with an urban tropical garden shielding from the busy traffic. The main theme concept is a Mediterranean feel which compliments Malaysia’s tropical climate. The cosy, dim-lit ambience highlights a relaxing, cheerful and spirited feel of the entire place. The layout of the restaurant is divided into several different areas; the garden, the patio, the lounge and the dining room. This allows customers to have a preference be it sitting indoors in a coolly air-conditioned area or outdoors enjoying a pleasant view of the tropical garden. 

WiP serves a selection of bar snacks as a lighter option instead. For instance, some must try are the salmon tomato bruschetta, the Portobello mushrooms baked with garlic chilli butter and their finely whipped array of espetadas. As for the main meals, the menu is divided into selections of different regions for an easier selection. The Roast Caribbean Chicken, lamb shank, and Seafood Tower are top of the lists; plus, a special section devoted to flat-breaded pizzas.

The Clam bar is one the highlights of the restaurant. The clam-shaped island bar serves inventive cocktails, premium champagnes, wines, spirits and features KL’s widest ranges of Mojitos. 

WiP cater to different events such as parties, anniversaries, and holiday events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eves are just some of the events that are frequently talked about among the locals. Whether it is a special occasion or just a casual meal out, WiP is the place to be. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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