WTF Restaurant is a very old dream and brainchild of three partners which was very keen in opening a vegetarian restaurant at every dinner party for the past 18 odd years. Being born in an Indian vegetarian families and living in Malaysia most of their lives, they faced massive trouble explaining ‘vegetarian’ when dining out. Their choices were certainly minimal also not forgetting the whole lot of explanation of what chefs can and cannot put in their food. They would often find eggs, seafood and many other not-vegetarian ingredients in their food and often had to resort to good old Maggie when they got home. Therefore, these mastermind had come up with solution for all the vegetarians for a healthy yet delicious fresh food.

WTF Restaurants opened its doors in late 2012 in a small cafe area of a condominium in Bangsar and moved to its current premises in Mid 2013. The menu was passionately created by these three partners who are foodies and their spouses. You can find a wide variety of almost 300 dish of all kind of cuisines in their menu as from North Indian to Indian Street Food, from Malaysian specialties to Indo-Chinese dishes and a splatter of Western and Thai food too. The masterminds behind WTF insist on bringing out as the best vegetarian restaurant as they possibly can and because of this, they even change their menu at least once in every six months for the latest combo’s and a quality fine dining experience.


Well, food is not their only passion at WTF. A whole lot of importance is placed on quality. People are very health conscious today that made WTF Restaurant made health is further complemented with the ingredients that are used. Their food is Non-GMO, gluten free and the oil used are only first grade oils. All the cottage cheese is made fresh in the kitchen every other day with fresh 10 to 15kg cows milk. Gravies are never made for more than two days. All food is prepared upon ordering which means that nothing is cooked and frozen for later usage.


This sometimes does get them into trouble because preparation time is longer than popping a frozen pre-made container in the microwave, but they certainly refuse to do it. They also do not use MSG or any additives in their food. Their buns are also made in house. It’s all totally fresh and preservative free. In addition to that, they do not use artificial food colouring, additives or mock meat in any of their dishes”. Therefore, there is surely no soy alternative here as most of it are fresh vegetables that is chosen fresh by the chef itself.


The ambiance is beautiful as it is fully air condition where you could sit back and enjoy with your love once. The chefs are highly experiences as they are imported from India for a true taste of North Indian cuisine without the need of flying there to have them in your belly. The service here is absolutely amazing as the boss with surely treat you with kindness and ready to explain to you the dish cooked in the house. Take away, delivery and catering are also available for customers who is always on the go but still enjoys healthy dishes. During the peak hours which is around 6.30 pm everyday, it’s better to make a reservation as the place is flocked with loyal customers. That’s how surprisingly tasty vegetarian food are! So what are you waiting for? Head on to WTF for a unique taste of vegetarian food.