Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice Setapak

For those who are residing in Setapak Garden, we are sure you are not a stranger to this place which is considered a local favourite. Known as Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice, this house-turned-eatery does not really have a very significant signboard to indicate the business but you can identify it based on the amount of customers that are found entering the compartment. Or better yet, look out for a corner house that is painted yellow. They sell very affordable claypot chicken rice together with a reasonable portion.

Upon ordering, the prices are based on the number of people consuming. Therefore, there are different prices for a single meal and also for a sharing meal. As it is being served, the fragrance from both rice and chicken and a hint of salted fish is very hard to not pay attention to and is probably enough to make you drool. They meal is cooked together with chunks of chicken breast and thigh and mixed with some Chinese sausages. The dish is then further garnished with spring onions to make it more aromatic.

After a hearty meal, you are encouraged to order a bowl of refreshing soup to cleanse your palate as claypot-cooked rice can be considered ‘dry and heaty’. The usual serving of soup is the lotus root and peanut combination which is supposedly good in ‘cooling down’ your body. You will get a sufficient amount of lotus roots, chicken feet together with pork innards. The taste of slightly sweet and salty is quite pleasurable and refreshing.

Accompany your meal with the choice of home-cooked drinks like Barley or Herbal Tea. Patrons are advised to visit the place early or make a booking if you would like to secure a place. The soup has a tendency to be sold out. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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