Claiming themselves as the Best Roti Canai, Valentine Roti is named after the son of the founder who is currently taking charge of the place. This place has been operating since 1975 and judging by the crowds of it, they might just be right about being the best. Being a roadside stall situated in the City Centre, you need no effort to look for the place as you could easily spot the bright yellow signboard saying Best Roti Canai. Also, judging by the queue of cars parked right outside the stall, there is no way that you would make a mistake.

Being one of Malaysia’s iconic foods, Roti Canai has now ventured into various interesting flavours. Roti Planta, Roti Tissue, Roti Susu and so many others. But when you’re visiting Valentine Roti, do not hesitate to go for their Roti Canai. The fluffiness and thinness of the Roti Canai itself is enough to amaze you even without any fillings. The secret is actually pretty simple, they just insist in making their own dough instead of frozen factory ones. Dip your Roti Canai into some Dhal or Mutton Curry to enhance your Roti experience. Bring it to another level with a cup of smooth, creamy Teh Tarik because we all know that Roti Canai is best have with it.

Although famed for their Roti Canai, Valentine Roti’s signature dish would be their very own Roti Valentine. Being called Roti Sardine 2.0, Roti Valentine has additional cabbage, onions and chopped chives to bring the dish a refreshing aftertaste. Feeling a little adventurous? Then the Roti Potato is your thing with a generous portion of mashed potatos within the handkerchief-thin Roti.

I did mention about the large crowd right? So you should be expecting your order to arrive a little later during peak hours but it’s worth the wait.


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