Undeniably, good food elevates our daily momentum, yet sticking to regular fare isn’t going to do any harmony to your soul and tummy. Jostle away those run-of-the-mill noodles for breakfast and flat set meals for lunch. How about nasi dagang capped with lip-smacking curries? Or solok Ladoa (Chili with fish paste and grated coconut stuffing) as sides? 

With a catchy name and buzzing reputation, Tuk Dok Ko has been churning out authentic Kelantan cuisines that keep other neighbour meals at bay. Not far away from Giant Supermarket, it’s planted below a three-storey building where patrons continually make a beeline, be it breakfast, lunch or hi-tea. Under the stewardship of an affable husband and wife, before the sun rises, the kitchen is preparing meals with a clean hit of spices that fuels the appetite of all ages. Myriad of colourful kuihs and captivating curries and dishes are lined up to be paired with nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. 

All dishes are prepared in an authentic Kelantanese way, be it presentation and taste. Their nasi dagang tops the billings, piping hot rice served on a banana leaf which absorbs the aromatic fragrance of the curries once it’s bathed on top. Be puzzled with choices - fish, chicken, prawns and uniquely stir-fried vegetables are among the favourites to go along the mound of rice. If noodles are your choice, their wan tan mee is worthy of applause, springy texture of the noodles, binds with the soy sauce and bouquet of ingredients. You’ll never need to go all the way to the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia to savour delectable Kelantan food when Tuu Dok Ko is by your sides.